Danabol In sports


In sports, there are many medications that are prohibited and allowed, for the advancement and improvement of performance. Among all possible to allocate the legendary steroid methane or


What Danabol? Danabol – it is one of the most popular anabolic steroids in the world of sports pharmacology. Often you can find under the name of methandrostenolone or people just methane. It features high efficiency, ease of use, the obvious result of increasing the physical parameters of the athlete. Anabolic Danabol test of time, as used by leading athletes from different sports. In all situations Danabol athletes rewarded for its effects, increasing their potential and bringing to conquer new heights. Today Danabol has not lost its relevance. All are also steroid used to develop strength and increase muscle mass. He participates in various combinations and creating anabolic ligaments, increasing the effectiveness of the course.

The structure of the publication about the practical preparation Danabol:

The main scope of Danabol

The effects Danabol

How to take Danabol

Example of the course solo

What binding Danabol

Side effects Danabol

Anabolic steroids – are drugs that mimic the action of the body’s male sex hormone testosterone. It is evident that testosterone itself can affect athletic performance and results. Sometimes stress, diet, stress hormones to inhibit the production of a minimum of catastrophic. In these conditions it is impossible to progress. There is a risk of harm to your body and psyche. Anabolic steroids in sports not only serve as an engine of progress, but also the need for the prevention of injuries and the negative effects of the professional arena.


Anabolic Danabol was opened in 1956. With the advent of drug sport far stepped forward, because it is a drug, and in the laboratory provides the phenomenal progress that enjoys a naive fan or spectator. And it never was otherwise. As a result, American manufacturers in the face of John Ziegler presented a powerful anabolic steroid Danabol, dramatically increases power performance and muscle mass.

The main scope of Danabol

– Power sports. The drug has long been a favorite of weightlifters and powerlifters. Now there are more and more problems with doping control and our native methane or Danabol caught in the first place. However, this does not prevent finding loopholes and benefit from use even today.

In those sports disciplines where durability is important, or sophisticated technique of movements, Danabol is not the best choice in terms of pharmacological support, although for a long time it was used almost anywhere. The reason lies in unprofitable use some muscle enslavement that violates the process of cell respiration. In other words disrupted oxygen delivery to muscles. For these athletes, there are other anabolic steroids, and other combinations of “chemical maneuvers.”


  1. Rapid weight gain. Danabol really has an amazing effect rapidly increase the weight of the athlete. Quality, however, leaves much to be desired. Frequently methane used in various combinations with other anabolic steroids, which increases the efficiency rate.
  2. Increased strength. The main thrust of this drug is to improve the power performance. Danabol is highly relevant for weightlifters and security officials.
  3. Stimulation of protein synthesis. This happens as a consequence of the impact of methane and globulin (hormone, sex hormone binding) to certain cell receptors. As a result, the cell begins to produce more protein.
  4. Removal of joint pain due to fluid retention in the joint capsules.
  5. Excellent recovery of glycogen. Heavy exercise on a course of action exhaustively on the energy supply of glycogen. In the case of the use Danabol is rapid regeneration and recovery after workouts.
  6. Increased appetite.
  7. Reduction of the stress hormone cortisol. Anabolic able to lower cortisol levels. Thus anti-catabolic effect allows you to keep muscles from breaking even at the peak stress.
  8. Helps prevent muscle breakdown after heavy training on the course.
  9. Danabol positively affects the level of dopamine. There is improvement in mood and fat burning effect, which successfully remains unappreciated because of the significant increment of body fluids during the athlete steroid use massonabornyh.
  10. Strengthening of the bone apparatus.

The effect of using Danabol

The effect will not be long in coming. Already in the first week of the athlete feels the increasing vitality, pleasant fullness of muscles, increasing power performance and an increase in weight. In addition, there is a charge of vivacity and drive for training and everyday worries. The drug is not only a positive effect on the progress of sports, but also makes it easier to deal with the routine of everyday life. Danabol improves the quality of life.


In practice – this is one of the easiest to use steroids. It is easy to measure the dose, because the product is presented in an oral form, and to control it throughout the cycle set weight. The best option would be to divide the daily dosage into 5-6 equal portions and take smoothly throughout the day.

The minimum effective dosage for Danabol up to 50 mg. Some argue that we should not take the beginners over 30 mg per day. Of course, you can meet the speakers athletes courses where Danabol is used in an amount of 100 mg per day, but it is done with a purpose, under the supervision of professionals with experience and the use of pharmacology.

Example of the course solo Danabol 1






2 tablets

0.5 mg per day


3 tablets

0.5 mg per day


4 tablets

0.5 mg per day


4 tablets

0.5 mg per day


4 tablets

0.5 mg per day


4 tablets

0.5 mg per day


3 tablets

0.5 mg per day


1 tablet a day


2 tablets a day

                  Composition of the course:

             1) Danabol 200 tab.

             1) Proviron 1 blister

             1) Clomid 1 blister


In fact, methane is showing a lot better in a variety of combinations of anabolic, especially if the goal is muscle building. Often Danabol solo use security forces, but bodybuilders include Danabol massonaborny cycle in conjunction with other steroids.

It just so happened that Danabol does not stabilize in the proper degree of androgen receptor, because it is expedient to use in conjunction with testosterone, trenbolone, nandrolone, methenolone, oxandrolone. An interesting option would be a bunch of Danabol and boldenone. Also, a bunch of killer on weight is considered Danabol, testosterone and nandrolone.

Solo Danabol is used mainly security forces, which is important to improve the power performance in preparation for the competition. Bodybuilders who aspire to a set of high-quality muscle mass, use Danabol in combination as described above. In this case, the course will be obvious actual increase muscle, not only an increase in weight due to the liquid.

Danabol Course

An effective binder for the set weight is testosterone enanthate and Danabol. The course of 15 weeks in duration Danabol applied at a dosage of 30 mg (1-4 weeks) and testosterone enanthate 500 mg per week (1-10 weeks). Connected anastrozole 0.5 mg every other day (weeks 3-11), gonadotropin 2 250 IU per week (7-11 weeks) and PCT – tamoxifen.

Side effects Danabol

Many stereotypes about the negative effects of steroids and Danabol including related to the misconception about them, about their work and being.

Danabol, once in the body, it has the ability to be converted to estradiol. Exceeding the recommended dosage can be observed fluid retention and there is the risk of gynecomastia.

These undesirable effects are easily eliminated. Enough to stick to simple rules.

  1. Do not increase the dosage to unreasonable high (over 100 mg per day).
  2. Do not sit on Danabol longer than 6-8 weeks (the average length of the cycle)
  3. To carry out the exchange rate after treatment with tamoxifen.

On the negative effect on the liver

Yes, the fact is present as a conventional oral steroid. But fears are exaggerated, and many have already been proven that the toxicity of Danabol harmless than the daily consumption of alcohol. The athlete, having a cycle of use of anabolic steroids on “vacation” gives you the opportunity to recover their bodies. And the liver returns to normal on their own, something that is possible to check, passing the tests.