Danabol – a synthetic steroid with a structure similar to testosterone

Danabol - a synthetic steroid with a structure similar to testosterone

Danabol – a synthetic steroid with a structure similar to testosterone. This is only one of the steroid of the previous generation, which continues to increase the number of new fans. In fact, this is the first drug that was used for a set of muscles.

This steroid is rightly considered a cult classic preparation of the twentieth century. The drug has shown tangible results and brought worldwide fame to many bodybuilders and athletes. It is the first drug in its class, has a long history of use in sports medicine. Athletes Danabol called “national” means for its excellent performance, reasonable price and popularity.

Danabol history of creation

The drug was synthesized in the late 60s of the last century. Initially it was used in medicine as a means to restore the skin for burns. Experts noted that the drug gives a good gain in muscle. Thus, the scope of medical anabolic spread into the sphere of sport. Apply it in practice, the athletes immediately feel the results and praised his pronounced anabolic properties. Danabol buy is not difficult, as long as he was in the free market.

Why Danabol hit the list of banned drugs.

In pursuit of a quick result, many athletes deliberately exceed the dosage, thus causing side effects. Large doses of the steroid active substances are very toxic to the liver, its structure is destroyed and the athletes have problems with health. Liver simply ceased to perform their functions. It was easier to ban the drug than to teach the rules of its use. In the early nineties Administration of Quality Supervision Food and Drug Administration – FDA, it has decided to withdraw the drug from production. This decision has spread to most of Western Europe. Therefore Danabol buy become problematic.

Yet after a while Danabol resumed production by applying new production technology. With this preparation was less toxic, thereby decreased risk of side effects. After that Danabol became the absolute world leader among all known steroids.

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Danabol pharmacological characteristics of the drug

Currently, drug taking are many athletes of various kinds of disciplines. Effect of the drug contributes to the achievement of results in the sport, which is impossible without the use of stimulants. It is no secret that the body has a certain limit, the performance of which can not be increased without additional stimulation. In order to achieve the best results helps athletes Danabol.

The drug has a powerful anabolic activity that is several times higher than testosterone. Androgenic activity in the drug is moderate, so the conversion rate into estrogen presutstvuet. To date, this steroid made with modern technologies, has only a moderate toxicity to the liver, but also for the whole body. Time of drug activity is four hours. Detection period of the active substance in the body by means of tests – twelve weeks. This should be taken into account in the preparation of athletes for competitions.

Activity Danabol action causes the completion of the volume of the protein mass. Typically, the weight gain is due to water retention and enrichment of minerals, especially sodium, the most basic protein builder. Because of this there is an effect of pumping muscles that athletes in professional language called “steroid pampas.” During the course you can dial from 6 to 10 kilograms. Keeping the oxygen in red blood cells, and reducing the cell respiration, Danabol several times increases the intensity and duration of workouts. Accumulation of fluid has a positive effect on the joints and bones. They become stronger and more resistant to damage.

Increased blood flow helps to saturate the cells with necessary minerals and useful components – magnesium, potassium, calcium. This entails a surge of power, which is especially important in power sports.

Danabol loop blocks the effects of destructive hormone cortisol, which causes catabolism – the loss of protein in the cells. The drug is an anti-catabolic agent that protects the muscles in broaching the cycle.

46Danabol correct dosage

  1. You should know that the drug be permitted to take the athletes under 21 years. Receiving an earlier age threatens to hormonal disruptions in the body. Starting with the need to receive 10 mg, gradually increasing the dose. Take Danabol should be 2-3 times a day before meals, for about 30-60 minutes with plenty of water. The drug “on an empty stomach,” will give the greatest effect. The dose at which no adverse consequences for the majority of athletes – 40 mg daily. The maximum permissible dose – 100 mg. However, when such high dosages are not excluded side effects. It should be used only with permission of expert professionals. Athletes with an average preparation is better not to experiment. Course length – from 4 to 8 weeks. A month later most of the athletes will be able to observe the obvious results. However, more than 8 weeks to take Danabol is not recommended, because there is the body getting used to the drug. The best effect is observed not only increase the risk of adverse effects.
  1. Good efficacy of the drug observed in pyramidal dosage when the daily dose is increased gradually. The first few days of taking 10 mg more days on 20 mg and then 30 mg, and so brought up to the desired maximum amount. If

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and to take on this scheme, the maximum effect is guaranteed.

  1. One week later to be included in a course of aromatase inhibitors, such as anastrozole, 0.5 mg three times a day. This will help restore moisture balance and withdraw the excess fluid, which contributes to the development of the body of the female type.
  1. During the course of the natural testosterone level decreases. Graduating course, it is recommended to add Clomid or Tamoxifen. These medications help to restore the level of testosterone. Not recommended simultaneously induct these drugs.

4Danabol combination with other drugs

To achieve maximum results Danabol combined with other substances which are able to enhance its effect. Distributed Danabol connection with oxandrolone or stanozolol for best effect. This arrangement is popular among powerlifters and weightlifters.

Warning against over-dosage

Studies have shown that the excess of the maximum dose does not improve the results, but only leads to dangerous consequences that may harm not only the individual organs such as the liver and biliary system, but also throughout the body. In pursuit of a quick result, many athletes deplete your body to the limit. Sport is first and foremost self-discipline, which helps to achieve athletic performance step by step.

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